Slots: Myths and Legends

There are many myths surrounding slots machine, and many people take these myths very seriously. Despite the myths, slots are very popular among players as they do give a return on your money at time, but you need to understand slots to make it work for you.

Slots have come a long ways since they were first invented and today slots are quite scientific and sophisticated, many of them are now run by computers and have a RNG, that is a Random Number Generator, this applies to all slots today whether they are reel driven or a Video slots. Because the numbers are randomly selected players cannot influence the outcome in any shape or form. The RNG is the key to the combinations that appear on the reels and they affect the payouts.

Here are some myths that do the rounds of casinos and also online casinos.

Myth No. 1

Near misses mean that you are close to a win. This is a myth that casinos ‘turn a blind eye’ as they know that it encourages the player to continue playing. But because of the RNG, near misses are not a message that you are close to a win, Random Number Generation means that no one knows what the next combination will be, it is just that random and uncontrollable.

Myth No. 2

Many people believe that once a jackpot has been won then it won’t be won again before a long while. This is a fallacy, each spin is a unique spin and could hit the jackpot at any time, because of RNG each spin is not affected by any previous spin. The Jackpot has been won consecutively in the past and could be won consecutively in the future. Don’t be persuaded that you can’t hit the jackpot twice in a row.

Myth No. 3

It is believed that it is harder to win with a 5 reel slot because there are more reels. This is untrue, how reels does not affect the chances a player has of winning. Many 5 reel slots have a much higher frequency than the 3 reel classic slots, many 5 reel slots have several paylines which increase the chances of a winning combination. However, three reels and 5 reels that have a 98% payout will over a period of time actually even out.

Myth No 4

When a player uses a player card then the casino can report the players winnings to the IRS. The fact of the matter is the casinos are obliged to report winnings over $1,200 regardless whether the player uses a player card or not. At the same time if your losses for the year are high, you can get a report from the casino and submit it to the IRS to declare your losses.

In conclusion, superstitions abound, however, there is not much you can do to change your chances of winning with information from myths. Every person that plays on slots has a equal chance of winning on the slots games.