Tropical Storm Alex Could Place Online Gambling Sites In Danger

Who would have ever guessed that a successful online gambling operation could just close...completely shut down? Come to find out...there are some natural causes that could do exactly that, regardless of the sites reliability. A hurricane is one such natural cause...Tropical Storm Alex...the first storm to pass through threatening both the Gulf Coast and the Caribbean but not until after it rocked the Yucatan Peninsula, Belize, and Mexico. These are all areas where online gambling has been regulated and where many operators have chosen to call home so they can incorporate on this regulated gaming.

Brick and mortar casinos have to keep a close eye out for tropical storms and severe weather in the event that they become severe enough to have to close up shop. Hurricane Katrina was one of these storms that crippled the industry. Another huge problem that could cause major issues for online gambling sites is the clean-up of the BP oil spill due to the 6,000 vessels and 38,000 people involved in helping clean up. The Coast Guard said that there could be as much as a two week delay in processes directly related to online gambling sites.