Pros and Cons of Video Slots

Video slots over the last decade have evolved into highly entertaining games that have many different options for the players.

When slots were first invented by Chales Fey they were single paylines and three reels which became the classic game. The symbols on these machines were five different pictures, for instance diamonds, hearts, spades, horseshoes, and a Liberty Bell, Today the variation of symbols run in themes, such as, a underwater theme depicting fish and other marine icons. Or a space age theme with weird and wonderful characters.

A Large majority of slots machines have more than three reels, you will find five reels which are very popular, seven reels and even nine reels, and the games have from five up to as much as fifty paylines. The developers of slots games are constantly coming up with new themes and new ideas for entertaining players of slots games.

Differences between classic slots and Video slots games

The pay tables: classic has fewer choices of payouts against a video slots which has pay outs for the symbols, often a wild scatter and 1-3 bonus games

  • Coin denominations: classic slots usually has one up to three coin sizes where as a Video often has a choice of one cent and anything up to larger denominations such as $10 or even $20, players can wager small amounts on a number of paylines, where as classics usually have one sometimes up to three paylines only.
  • Bonus games: Classic slots don't have bonus games but todays modern Video games have some interesting bonus games, which add to the enjoyment of the game.
  • Scatter symbols: Classic slots don't have scatter symbols but Video games usually have a scatter symbol that does not need to line up for a win, they can be 'scattered' anywhere over the reels.
  • Max Bet: Classic slots are usually limited to one coin on the single line some modern ones may have a 2 coin bet on the line. Video slots often have a choice of multiple coins on a single line.

Video Slot Advantage

One of the reasons that Video slots are so popular is that they have a much higher hit rate compared to classic slots the reason is that they have more paylines and in general more combinations for winning. Most traditional games and three reel classics are very limited with regard to technology whereas Video slots are open wide in regards to how technology and fancy bonus games. Computer technology allows for mini video clips even clips of real movie scenes can be incorporated into a Video Slot. Most bonus games are played on a second screen and offer the player more excitement as they usually get some interesting wins which encourage players to continue playing.

Video Slots Disadvantages

Most of the video games offer players the opportunity to bet more than one coin on a line, which means that players can easily spend $5 per line, this can amount to a lot of money per spin if there are a large number of paylines for instance 25-50. Reading the paytable is a good idea to check if it is necessary to bet max bet, or if you could get by with a smaller coinage per line.

With Video slots and multiple paylines it's important to place at least the minimum coinage on every payline, you don't want to be in a position where you win that jackpot and you have not placed a bet on a particular line.