Around the World Slots (Microgaming)

Microgaming has really reached back into the styles of Mid-Century Europe with this 5 reel, 20 payline interactive Video Slot. Around the World Slots takes a huge chunk of the legend of author Jules Verne, splashing visions of the elegant Victorian decor on the reels. Vernes’ masterpiece, Around the World in 80 Days, has been immortalized in the online gaming casino platform with this much-deserved ode to his hot-air balloon travels. It’s a simpler time, when there were no airplanes or speedy nuclear-powered submarines to trivialize such an amazing circumnavigation. And at the end - there awaits a jaw-dropping $100,000 jackpot. Looks like you’ve run out of reasons not to play...

Around the World Game Details

If you’ve never heard of Phineas Fogg, then you’re probably unfamiliar with the works of Jules Verne. He features prominently on the reels of this slot, along with his many familiars. Predictably, the symbols include travel-ware and exotic animals, like compasses, globes, hot-air balloons, camels, ships, elephants and the master adventurer, himself - Mr. Fogg. The compass serves as the Scatter Symbol, and there’s also the surprise of two Wild Symbols, which can replace all other symbols except the Scatters.

Use these luck-inducing symbols to reach the Bonus Game, where riches await you. And just to be sure you know you’re not being left out in the dark, there’s a bunch of Multipliers just waiting to be discovered by the Scatter compass. Hit a minimum of three globe symbols on a single payline and prepare to be transported to the in-game Bonus Round. Have you already started dreaming about what you’re going to buy with that jackpot? For a non-Progressive Slot, it’s absolutely huge!

Game Extras

There are a few things that Around the World Slots has that other games don’t; one of them is the unique Reverse Spin. This feature is buttressed by the options given in the Bonus Round - either play the Bonus and collect the entirety of your winnings and exit, or take just 50% of your winnings and continue playing with the other half. If one of them seems like an obvious choice, just remember that the alternative has seen plenty of casino patrons take home quadruple what they might have if they’d just settled. But hey - it’s your pie; even if you opt to split in half and lose, you’re still well into the blue in terms of your winnings.

Ante-up and check out Around the World Slots to see if it’s your lucky day.