Action Packed Progressive Slots

If you love playing slot machines but don't think you are getting a big enough payout if you hit the jackpot you really should consider playing the progressive slots. It isn't uncommon for the progressive slot machines to have a huge jackpot, one that could change your lifestyle forever. Of course progressive slots can also be enjoyed like traditional slot machines, with bets on one or more lines for a usual type of payout.

How Progressive Slots Work

The progressive term used in progressive slots is just want you think. The jackpot, the big win, continues to escalate continuously based on the number of players betting on the machines. Progressive slots, whether online or in a real casino, are a connected bank of slot machines. The more players and the bigger the wagers the more the progressive jackpot rises. In online and in casino play the total for the progressive jackpot is typically displayed on the screen or above the physical slot machines in the casino and increases in real time readouts.

Where Does The Jackpot Come From

Every time a gambler inserts a coin or uses a credit on a progressive machine a percentage of that wager goes towards the progressive slots. Maximum bets will increase the progressive jackpot much more rapidly than just a single line bet, but all contribute to the grand total. Since there is the possibility of a huge win, often the payouts for the smaller individual wins are not as great, but then again there is always the jackpot to consider. The average number of wins on each machine is the same as machines of the same type not in a bank on a progressive game.

How To Play Progressives

Progressive machines or online games are identical to non-progressive counterparts. Each game will have its own payout that is listed on the paytable. Progressive games will also have bonuses, wild symbols and other extras based on the specific game you are playing. For most games and online or in house casinos each and every coin or credit used contributes to the jackpot total, however, only the players betting on every line can win the jackpot. For this reason it is highly recommended to use the maximum bet on every line on the game. It is always heartbreaking to see someone come up with a winning combination and not have the maximum bet. This means that they don't get the huge jackpot, just the paytable payout. While these aren't bad they certainly aren't the millions that can be won if you hit the progressive with a maximum bet.