Wild Bandits Slots

Slot content developer GW Games has recently found new homes for its title Wild Bandits Slots. The game will find its way to additional casino platform operators on the internet. The HTML5 slot was initially released last year on Sky Vegas casino, but it will now also become available on the platforms of high end operators like Slot Boss, Pink Casino, Grosvenor Casino and William Hill. Each of these operators will make the Wild West themed slot title available for tablet, mobile and desktop platforms.

The commercial director from GW Games, Andrew Henson, recently explained in an interview that the reason for the extended distribution of the game has to do with the fact that it performed even better than the company initially expected. He predicts that the game's performance will further increase now that is also becomes available on platforms from other high end operators. Here follows a more detailed look at the slot developer and its rising slot title star.

The Ongoing Popularity of a Notorious and Imaginative Era

Perhaps, there is no period in time that is as notorious and imaginative as the Wild West era. People have always been intrigued with this sandy American time period that created the everlasting fame and admiration for cowboys and outlaws. Given the era's popularity, it is no surprise that various mediums have given attention to the subject over the years. The famous Spaghetti Westerns of film director Sergio Leone, which starred Clint Eastwood, are perhaps the best and most well-known examples. Of course, it would only be a matter of time before the Wild West would also be used as a theme for online slot machines.

A Notorious Era Captured Into a Slot Machine Game

Developer GW Games took on the challenge of bringing the Wild West to online casinos when it released the outlaw and cowboy themed game Wild Bandits Slots. Given the reason that this slot developer has built up a good reputation over the recent years, it is certainly advisable that Wild West and slot fans look out for this game when they go online to play and gamble.

Now that the praised slot will become available on more operating platforms, it will only help to strengthen the game developer's name even more. And that name has already become very popular among slot game fans in recent years. The company always manages to come up with visually appealing titles, and Wild Bandits Slots is certainly no exception. It shows real panache in terms of visuals, features and sounds. The game screen display, the animations, the sounds and the background music are all crystal clear, and they will pull people into the atmospheric universe of the notorious American Frontier era.

An Atmospheric Game That Welcomes Players to the Old West

When players open Wild Bandit Slots for the first time, they will directly be welcomed to the Old West. The game's main screen display shows a set of five slot reels that are placed within a wooden town gate. The name of the slot seems to be the town sign as it is placed on top of the gate. Themed symbols will further draw players into the frontier world.

Spinning displays of revolvers, sheriff badges, bandits and horseshoes will definitely evoke the feeling of being transferred back in time to a land of cowboys and outlaws. Furthermore, the typical font of the used letters should also be mentioned as it is a small detail that adds an extra touch to the whole Wild West era display. All In all, thanks to its excellent design skills, GW Games manages to keep it fresh in a game theme genre that is often plagued by so many cliché elements, and it should certainly be praised for that.

A Straightforward Way to Shoot Symbols on the Reels

Players who embark on an adventure in this game, will immediately notice that it not only scores points because of its visuals, but also because of its straightforward approach to the control panel. They will be able to draw their spin guns easily and shoot their symbols swiftly on the reels thanks to the very simple game button display.

There are three game play buttons positioned on the right side of the slot reels. The 'I' is placed on the top, and it will take participants to the pay table screen. In that screen, they learn more about their winning opportunities and the available features. Studying the pay table proves to be very useful as it helps players to remember what is on offer when they spin the reels.

The autoplay control button is positioned beneath the pay table icon. A second screen will open when gamblers click on it, and that screen allows them to make all kinds of autopilot game adjustments like for example the stake per spin and the number of plays. Additionally, this options screen conveniently lets players determine their loss limits, which will help to prevent them from losing too much money when spins are on autopilot. The last button on the right side of the screen is the spin icon that has the play logo printed on it. Players can click on it when they are fully ready to shoot some winning symbol combinations on the slot machine reels.

Available Symbol Combinations That Form Payouts

This game has a set of Western themed symbols that form payouts if they are collected on the screen in combinations of three, four or five. The payout amount values are displayed in pounds, and the highest amount of pounds can be won with the sheriff's badge. 5 badges on the reels grant an eight pound payout. A total of three pounds can be won with the bag of valuables that has a dollar sign printed on it.

Furthermore, the old fashioned clock is good for a maximum reward of 2 pounds, and the revolver hits its highest prize with a £0.80 win. A slightly lower prize can be won with the cowboy hat, which gives away a top reward of £0.40. The same amount can be won when a player spins 5 Ace cards on the reels. The remaining card game symbols (K, Q and J) all hand out a maximum reward of £0.30.

What Kind of Features Are on Offer in the Game

This is a game that displays 5 slot reels and 15 pay-lines. These reels and pay-lines can be used to make winning slot symbol combinations while the Western themed soundtrack plays its atmospheric tunes on the background.

While they are making winning combinations on the reels, players will also encounter a couple of attractive and innovative bonus feature elements that are in many ways connected to each other. These bonus play elements let players earn many extra profits and also free spins. One of the most prominent and innovative features in this game is the complex and challenging wild bandits achievements element.

The Innovative Wild Bandits Achievements Feature

Players will find one button on the left side of the main game screen. This button displays a goblet, and it leads to a second screen in which gamers learn more about the innovative achievements element of this slot. In short, they will see an overview of six notorious and famous bandits that where active in the Old West era. The outlaws on display in this feature are Billy, Butch, Rose, Cidro, Clint and Lady Grey. Players can capture, jail and release these bandits, and for each of these actions, they earn special badges. Wild West wins will increase when all the bandits are jailed, and wild shootout wins will increase when all bandits are released. More details about the extensive wild bandits feature can also be found in the pay table tab.

The Notorious Wild West Never Looked so Attractive

The Wild West era was a harsh period for many people, but it never looked as attractive and inviting as in Wild Bandits Slots. GW Games deserves a compliment, as it has developed an outstanding game that will hold a strong position among its many, similar themed competitors. And the recent distribution to other platforms proves that this slot is quickly becoming even more popular. Players should certainly give it a try if they love to see their slot reels filled with items from a wild frontier era that catered to the adventurous needs of many daring fortune seekers.