Playing Individual Lines vs. Max Bet

Many players are not sure whether to bet on a single or a few paylines or whether it is better to play max bet. This is an individual decision and here are some thoughts on the subject. There is a school of thought that it is better to play at least a small bet on every payline rather than on one payline or a few of the allotted paylines. The thinking behind this is that if a win occurs on a payline that does not have a bet on then the player may lose a win, and a possible jackpot win which could be big.

Maximum Bet

In casinos all over the world and online players put thousands of dollars into their casino accounts and then play the maximum bet, for those who can afford such large bets they believe they have a greater potential for high winnings.

Pros and Cons of a Max Bet: The Pros

  • On some slots games placing the max bet gives the player a much higher chance at getting the progressive jackpot or even a high jackpot win.
  • Bonus features pay a high winning
  • Free spins payout more

Pros and Cons of a Max Bet: The Cons

  • Regardless whether the player can afford it, playing max bet means that the players bankroll will not last long
  • Players with a mild online slots addiction, playing max bet can prove to be very expensive for them

However, players believe that a rule of thumb when playing online slots that its best to play the max they can afford as online slots drop in free spins and the bonus feature quite frequently.

Playing the Minimum Bet

To play max bet on a lot of slots machine can mean playing as much as $60 per spin, maintaining such a high wager can possibly lead to thousands of dollars that is needed for a good bankroll. For many players it’s not possible to be able to play long with such a high wager.

Players that play a minimum bet do so to increase their bankroll for the possibility of getting the big win.

Here are some pros and cons:

The Pros

Players that bet minimum bet on all paylines will be able to play for longer as their bankroll will last longer Playing minimum bet does not exclude players from hitting that progressive jackpot so therefore they still have a chance at building their bankroll.

The Cons

If the progressive jackpot is won on a minimum the payout will be proportionately smaller than on a max bet.

Lots of players that play minimum bet are players that enjoy the slots games, and are not chasing the big win. However if they do hit a jackpot win, that is considered a bonus for them.

On a classic slot that has only 3 paylines and three reels, players have a choice of betting a single coin, two coins and the max bet of three coins on a payline. Often the payout for a single coin could be, for instance, $1,000 for a single coins, two coins doubles the payout to $2,000 and three coins can triple the payout to $3,000, which means just for two extra coins a jackpot win is increased by $2,000. It pays to check the paytable before playing on a slots game. Other multiline slots and games with bonus games and free spins read the rules so you can make informed choices.