Grail Maiden Slots

As of this writing, Grail Maiden Slots has already been around for awhile, but it remains one of the very best looking bonus 5-reel games on the online gaming scene. As a product of the always spectacular Wager Gaming Technology software, this game not only lives up to lofty expectations, but surpasses tham.

Royal Games

Grail Maiden is different from other slot games in that it does not have paylines. The winning combinations line up from left to right on any line and they count as wins. The maximum bet is 100 coins and coin values may be set by the player to denominations ranging from 1¢ up to $1, making this game suitable for most players ranging from casual weeknight players to moderately high rollers.

Regal Imagery

The really special aspect of Grail Maiden Slots is the stunning images. The backdrop for the reels is heavy mediaeval stone, like that of a castle, and the reels are backlit stained glass windows. When the major figures come up in winning combinations, they are animated nicely, and they are accompanied by a back-shimmer effect.

Princely Symbols

The symbols used in Grail Maiden are the Fortress, the Grail, the Horse, the Shield, King Arthur, Guenevere and card symbols ranging from 9 through A. Normally we complain about card indices as being an easy out for game designers to provide six symbols that do not require design. In this case, however, the card indices are beautifully and cleverly designed in an old English blackletter style, set into stained glass.

The Grail serves as the wildcard, substituting for any card in any combo with the usual exception of the Scatter. Unfortunately, when the wildcard comes up, no multipliers come into play with it, but if there is any failing for this game, that would be it.

The scatter symbol is the Shield. When three scatter symbols come up, the scatter payout comes into effect.

Noble Bonus Round

Triggering the bonus round in this game is a bit more complicated than in most games. King Arthur must show up on reel one, Guenevere on reel five and the Grail on reels two, three or four. This gives access to the bonus round, where the winnings accumulate fast.

Enjoy Grail Maiden Tonight!

If you have a current, hi-def computer screen, and you want show it off, this is the game to do it with. The graphics are gorgeous. Look for the details too, not only in the animations but in things like the light bleed on the walls next to reels one and five.

So settle yourself in your favorite gaming throne and get yourself a chalice of mead and spin the reels on Grail Maiden tonight! It is a tremendously entertaining game that will keep you enchanted for hours of fun.