Red Beard & Co Slots

We have all heard of Blackbeard, the notorious pirate. However, Topgame has released its first 3D slots game. When you play “Redbeard and Co”, you will enjoy this pirate and treasure-themed slots game. It is a thrill to play. You will also enjoy the rich graphics and sounds as you spin the wheel to win the pirate’s treasure.

Redbeard and Co is similar other 3D pirate theme slots games such as Lost Treasures. Lost Treasures 3D pirate game is an exciting chance to win more money using a multiplier. Redbeard and Co is also in the same category as Betsoft’s Barbary Coast slots game. Players will enjoy the awesome graphics as they go against Blackbeard in Barbary Coast slots game.

Game Facts for Redbeard and Co. Slots

This 3D video slots game called Redbeard and Co. slots is available for everyone to play. Almost any wager can be placed on the the paylines. It has 5 reels and 20 paylines. The smallest wager that can be placed is $0.01. Therefore, a maximum of $5.00 can be wagered with each payline. This slots game will pay on the highest win on the payline.

The symbols for this great game are Redbeard, his three pirate friends and other images associated with a pirate theme. For example, there is the Cook, Pirate Ship, Parrot, Cannon, Treasure Chest, Pistol. The other game symbols include the Face cards and A to 9.

The wild symbol for the game is the Parrot. Whereas, the scatter symbol is the Treasure Chest. The bonus symbol is the Pirate Ship. The wild symbol can substitute for other symbols other than the Pirate Ship or the Treasure Chest to receive a win on the paylines. The maximum jackpot is 8,000 coins that is received after five Redbeard symbols appeared on the paylines.

Redbeard and Co. Slots Bonus and Features

This slots game has various features. Players who receive three scatter symbols will be able to receive free spins. This means that three or more Treasure Chests will give up to 20 free spins. For example, 3, 4 or 5 scatter symbols will lead to 10, 15 or 20 free spins, respectively.

There is also a bonus game available. The Redbeard and Co. Bonus is triggered when at least three bonus symbols, the Pirate Ship appears on a single payline. This triggers the Pirate Roulette Bonus game. This bonus game is quite fun! It involves throwing a bomb at one of the pirates. All pirates are standing in a straight line on the deck of the ship. The player must choose one of the pirates to catch the bomb. Each pirate has a value attached to him. If pirate’s value is more than zero, then the bomb will explode in the pirate’s hand. If the pirate’s value is less than zero, the bomb is tossed back at the casino player. Therefore, the casino player must be careful in his choice as he can only catch a bomb twice. A third bomb will explode against the casino player and stop the bonus game. This is a great way to increase wins. For example, up to five bonus symbols can obtain up to 8,250 bonus points.

Now that you understand the thrill and exciting in this slots game, download or play Redbeard and Co now. You can try to outwit a band of pirates using skill and bombs as you increase your own treasure chest.