Lost Slots

Lost Slots is a five reel and 30 pay line 3D Video slot game from BetSoft. Lost is set in a Victorian-era archaeological dig site in Egypt. The visual elements are spectacular and the backdrop depicts Tutankhamun and flaming torches. Added features here include re-spins for every win, a wild reel, an on-reel mini-game involving a monkey and a break out bonus round. Bets start as low as two pennies per line.

Some of the symbols include Mummies, a British explorer, the Staff, an eye, a monkey and many of the Egyptian symbols like the Ankh and eye symbol. Each time you get a win, you get a free re-spin of the middle reel. The second win gets 2x, then 3x and then 5x. If you complete multiple win lines the multiplier applies to them all. You'll get 500 coins for 5 of the explorer, 200 coins for 5 of the Mummy, five Assistants pay 100 coins, five pendulums pay 75 coins, five dogs pay 50 coins, and five ankh pay 25 coins.

There are three special symbols, the eye, which triggers the Mummy bonus with 3 or more on the reels, the Staff, which turns the entire middle reel wild when it lands, even during re-spins, and monkey symbol, which triggers the first of the 2 bonus games, will appear on the 4th reel. There are two bonus games, the Monkey bonus and the Mummy Bonus. When you get a monkey on the 4th reel, the regular game pauses and a new feature using the 3rd, 4th and 5th reels starts. The 4th reel is an animated monkey, and the 3 symbols on either side become 'Click Me' signs. When you click one the monkey jumps up (or down) to it and throws off a wooden carving board. This reveals a cash prize. One of them will also include a 'collect' sign, which ends the game.

The other bonus is triggered with 4 of the eye symbols. Here, you help the explorer find the treasure. You will see 3 doors in a crypt and you will click on one to see what your prize is. You either get a cash prize or a mummy lurches out to end the game.