Casino software developers are known for releasing new games with a twist. However, Cubee Slots from Realtime Gaming is in a class by itself. This online game has been dubbed, “The Travel Adventure” slots and this is what it is in simple terms. Players will see ‘Cubee’ who is the main character. He is a furry, cute and yellow. He will be playing against his rival ‘Rocco’ to see who can win during each spin.

Game Play For Cubee Travel Adventure

Gameplay for Cubee Travel Adventure Slots is like no other slots game. Players will see that there are rows of symbols with about eight of them in total. Cubee will be on one side of the reels and Rocco on the other as they time travel. With each spin of the reels, Cubee will eat the blue energy balls to grow more powerful with each spin. Once he has eaten, he can use the weapon on the reels to fight Rocco by giving him a bop on the head. Once he has done so these two will travel to the next era.

Game Eras

There are four eras or levels to play through and there is a monster to eat for each one. The first era they will travel to is the Stone Age. From there, the game takes everyone to the Era of Piracy. The Era of Piracy is where players will have a chance to collect some free spins. Afterwards, the game will time travel to the Viking Age and this gives the opportunity to grab multipliers. After visiting the Viking Age, the next stop is CubeeLand. In CubeeLand, players will actually be able to play the free spin games and use the multipliers they have collected throughout the game.

There are two meters to be aware of. The colorful circles are the energy ball meter to show how much strength Cubee has left. As it fills, it will help increase his chances of fighting and winning against Rocco. The second meter is a long colorful cylinder which is used to view Rocco’s strength. Players can see it cause a shift to an era where Rocco can lose all of his strength and die.

The game does allow wins of up to 50,000 coins as the highest payout in Cubee Slots.