Hitman Slots

If you are a big fan of video games or have seen the Hitman movie then you are likely very familiar with the theme of the Hitman Slots game. Taking characters and the storyline from the action packed video game of the same name; Hitman Slots uses high level graphics and lots of animation based on the video game to really take this slot machine to a whole new level of gambling fun.

Symbols On The Reels

Not surprisingly the Hitman symbols are full of all the weapons of destruction that Agent 47, the main character of the game and movie, may have to use in his profession. These include a sniper rifle, lethal looking knife, syringe and poison, garroting wire, laptop computer and of course the cash. In addition the Hitman is seen, always in the shadows, in several of the symbols. The symbols, when triggered on a winning line, flash into a video from the game. The video is truly exceptional in its quality and imagery. This is all accompanied by the typical mysterious and low key background music you anticipate in criminal movies and video games, really adding a whole new level to the slot machine experience. The Agent 47 symbol is an expanding while symbol, which means that it will expand to take up all three symbols on any given reel. Not only does this work to your benefit to increase your winnings but it also adds to your chances of seeing the video on a winning payline.

Bonus Games

The Insignia or Hitman symbol is the scatter symbol when three or more appear on the screen. By choosing one of the three you will be awarded the bonus underneath, possibly multiplying your winnings by up to 20 times whatever you had bet.

Another cool action packed bonus game on the Hitman Slots is the Contract bonus. In this game, which is triggered by three symbols of the laptop, you can choose from one of five targets and one of five possible weapons with which to take out your target. Under each target and each weapon is an amount, the target is your bonus and the weapon your multiplier. Times the two amounts together and also multiply your original wager amount to determine the winnings for this game.

Finally there is one more bonus game that is triggered by the number 18 appearing three times on the screen. This is a symbol you definitely want to see as you will immediately be given 18 free spins with all winnings doubled during those free spins.