Treasure Nile Slots

Ancient Egypt fascinates people to this day, and this is probably why there are several slots games with an Egyptian theme. Treasure Nile Slots by Microgaming is at the top of the list of Egyptian-themed slots. Let the ambiance of the Nile River guide you as you play this 5-reel, nine-payline game.

Bold Graphics and Sweet Sound

Players will really like the graphics used in Treasure Nile Slots. They depict many of the facets on Ancient Egypt in a very creative way. The reel symbols include a Sphinx, a Pharaoh, Pyramids, a Scroll, Wheat, a Pillar, Tutankhamen masks, a Sarcophagus, a Necklace, a Cobra, a Scarab, Anubis, a Boat, and an Ankh. The colors and bright and crisp, and add a cheerful element to the sometimes solemn tone of the game.

Jackpots Galore at Treasure Nile

Treasure Nile Slots has a Progressive jackpot as well as a regular game jackpot. The Progressive jackpot is triggered whenever five of the Treasure Pharaoh symbols appear. Treasure Isle Slots jackpot is a maximum of 6000 coins, which equals $3000.00, and it is yours for five Tutankhamen masks symbols. To see how much is in the jackpot, you can look at the animated ticker that runs above the reels to find out how much you could win should you hit the jackpot.

More About Jackpots

There is a second jackpot of 3000 coins equaling $1500.00 waiting for players who line up five of the Sphinx symbols on the reels. A third jackpot is awarded when five of the Anubis reel symbols appear on the reels. This prize is for 1500 coins or $750.00. Treasure Nile Slots has a pay table that is very easy to understand, and gives players information on how much the different combinations of reel symbols are worth.

How Much Can I Bet?

There is only one coin denomination for Treasure Nile Slots, and that is $0.50. Players should bet on all nine lines of the game in order to increase their chances of winning. The Wild symbol in the game is the mysterious Pyramid symbol. It has the job of substituting for every other reel symbol in the game except for the Scatter symbol.

Fantastic Game Play Awaits

The Scatter symbol is the lovely Scarab, and two, three, four, or five of these symbols on the reels of the game will multiply the total bet by five, ten, or fifty times as a result. If someone were playing with all paylines enabled, they would receive $225 for each spin. You’ll love Treasure Nile Slots, where each spin can make you a winner. Play Treasure Nile Slots today!