Greatest Odyssey Slots

Themes of under the sea adventure are always popular in literature, the movies, and now right on your computer. The Greatest Odyssey Slots provides all the deep water action you could want along with some terrific payout opportunities. This Playtech game, which features gurgling water and the sounds of underwater work, is colorful and inviting with some terrific graphics and animated symbols when you hit a winning combination.

The Look Of The Game

The future of underwater power station work is really the key to the cool symbols and unique background of the game. You look outward towards the power station around the slot screen, almost as if you were in a mobile mini-sub. While the readout for line bet, lines, bet and winning is in digital print, it also appears to be on gauges that you would expect to see in a power station or a submarine. Upon opening up the game a really high level video sets the tone for the trip underwater and adds a nice touch of adventure to the slot experience.

Reels and Symbols

The game features five reels, each showing three symbols on each spin. There are twenty five different paylines with options to bet on some or all of the lines in amounts of 0.01 coins through to 5 coins per payline bet. The symbols on the reels are both fanciful and futuristic and feature deep sea divers, mini-subs, televisions with antennae and highly futuristic symbols. Unlike other games no numbers or letters are used as symbols, rather the unique futuristic icons, each with is a different style and color, form the basis of the symbols.

The Octopus is the wild symbol and madly waves his tentacles when he is on a paying line. The Treasure Book is the scatter symbol that triggers a Lucky Spins round if three or more are present on the screen. The Lucky Spins bonus gives you 10 free spins and a multiplier of your winnings of 2, 10 or 25 matching with 3, 4, or 5 Treasure Books.

Bonus Games

The beautiful Lady symbol is the key to opening up the bonus game, which is a separate game that appears on the screen when 3 Lady symbols are present. The player chooses symbols from the screen and is awarded the corresponding bonus credits.

Dollar Ball is a progressive game that can be played with an additional bet feature on the Greatest Odyssey Slots. It works similar to Keno with players choosing 5 out of 49 numbers then waiting to see what numbers match the random generation by the game. Matching all five results in the win of the total progressive jackpot with the option to also keep playing and winning in the slots game as well.