Monte Cristo Slots

Monte Cristo is an online slot machine game that is your chance to seek revenge and discover the hidden treasure. The legend of the Count of Monte Cristo is the theme to this online casino game and it is nothing short of a spectacular and exciting online game. Play now at Inter Casino and start the search for the count’s missing millions.

Tips and Information about the Slot Game

Your goal is to help the count find hidden treasure which requires you to bounce a ball and hit the walls and symbols up to ten times. The count is wrongly imprisoned and it is up to you to help him escape and find his missing millions. Round one is when the count is imprisoned. Round two has a cave theme in which you must explore the Monte Cristo Island and collect treasures. Each round will have ten chances to bounce the ball. The bomb symbol means that you get all rewards from surrounding walls. The scull symbol cancels the round and the heart symbol adds three bounces to your game. You want to hit the ‘Bonus Game’ symbol, open the doors, and create pathways while playing the game. You can win five free rounds of play if you are able to hit the “Free Game” symbol. It is fun, exciting, fresh, and just for you. But don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself now!

Various Payment Options for US Players

You can find the Monte Cristo game at the Inter Casino website. Here, they offer a huge variety of payment choices once you earn your money. They are easy to work with and will help you get your money in a quick and easy manner. Find more information from the payment options tab on the website. Try it today. It’s fun and exciting for everyone.

Special Promotions Available!

The internet site that offers the Monte Cristo game has tons of promotions. From cash back offers, to bonuses, and sign up and win offers, you won’t be empty handed for long. There is also a promotions calendar for you to view all of the upcoming promotions. They offer them daily, weekly, and monthly so you will want to keep up with the calendar in order to win big. This is a great game that will get you adrenaline pumping while you win big money. Help the count find his millions while you earn yours. Try it today, you won’t regret it.